Workout Mistakes you Should Avoid

There is no doubt that exercise is good for your soul and body but at the same time care needs to be taken before you jump headlong into exercise. There are people who have ended up being injured because of simple avoidable mistakes associated with workout. This is especially true for people who are just beginning and whose bodies are not really prepared for the kind of strain that some workout can create. All you need to do in order to be safe is a little foresight and planning well so as to avoid frustration, injury and burnout.

The best way to maximize the benefits of exercise is to avoid these common workout mistakes:

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Don’t skip warm up: Your muscles require a little time to adjust themselves to the demand that you are about to place on them through workout. A little cardiovascular exercises lasting just a few minutes will give the muscles the right mood. You can choose anything from a gentle walk, or cycling before you begin anything heavy. Warm up draws blood to the muscles to improve effectiveness and reduces the risk of injury.

Workout Mistakes you Should Avoid

Don’t skip cool down: Don’t rush to the showers as soon as you finish your last rep during workout. You need to take just a few minutes to cool down as you lower your heart rate to return it to the resting range. This is also a simple way of reducing risk of muscle injury.

Too much too fast: You must avoid placing big demands on your muscles especially before they are prepared to handle such demands. Anything to do with proper workout has to be systematic and gradual so that you increase your safety and effectiveness. If you are doing lifting and you choose a weight that you intend to do 15 reps and you realize you are not able to do 10, chances are the weight is too heavy for you. However, if you realize that doing 15 is a walk in the park, the weight could be too small and you can only add it by 5% at a time.

Resistance too light: When you have been doing 15 reps on some weight and you go on with the same for more than two weeks, then it is time you moved on. The best way to improve is to ensure that your muscles are well simulated. There is no way you can progress is you remain with the sane weights for a long time without changing to something slightly heavier.

Being a weekend person: There are people, who don’t exercise the entire week, and come Saturday afternoon, they want to ensure the whole week’s schedule of workout fits into that one day; nothing kills your intentions faster than this. The best way to manage workout in order to get results is to make sure you do it moderately over a prolonged period of time. A few minutes every day is much better that trying to squeeze in too much work out on a single day.Continue Reading