How Will This Help?


reclaim america

Sometimes people misunderstand our intentions. We did not walk across America to bring political change. We did not walk across America to raise money for a political party. As a matter a fact, we don’t even believe that the kind of change America needs can be accomplished by legislative means. Although we may share some basic beliefs with organizations that are politically motivated and whose calling it is to effect political change, this is not our immediate goal. Our goal by Jason Hope is to be used of God to bring about a spiritual change in individual lives which we pray will eventually begin to change the spiritual climate of our nation. This kind of change can only be accomplished when hearts and lives are changed from the inside out, one person at a time.


We are not just trying to make a statement. We hope that this walk will go down in history as a part of what God is doing to bring spiritual renewal in America. We are convinced that the walk will help in three ways:

One, through INTERCESSION. As we walked we prayed for our country and for the people we met. We prayed for our nation’s leaders, state governments, and even local mayors and town councils as we walked. We prayed for school teachers and students when we walked by schools. We prayed for churches, pastors, and congregations as we walked by churches. We prayed for mourning families as we walked by white crosses on the road. We believe prayer was vital part of what we did. You see, spiritual awakenings have taken place in the past with miraculous results, but they have always started with prayer.

Two, we are trusting that our walk has brought ENCOURAGEMENT to Christians to begin living out their faith in visible ways to show people that God really does care about them. Talking and preaching will never have the results we hope for until Christians put “feet on their prayers” and show what we say when we believe enough to do something about it! As we walked we tried to be an example of what Christ did while on earth. We fed the hungry. We tried to meet the physical needs of the homeless. We helped people with car trouble, talked with people who were lonely, and even bought a bus ticket for a man traveling back to Colorado to work and support his family. We referred people to agencies where they could get long term help, and we loved on a lot of people.

Three, we were given many opportunities for INTERACTION with people from all walks of life. God had prepared the hearts of many and had arranged and ordered our steps in such a way as to give us the opportunity to share our faith with them. Thousands of people from coast to coast heard the gospel, one on one, during our 2770 mile walk. We believe that their will be a “harvest” for years as a result of the seeds sown on this walk.